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Laura's Lash Lounge Reviews

We are incredibly lucky to have such great clients.  Thanks!



"Make sure and ask for Brenda." - Jeanette (Valencia)

"This place is awesome!!!  Everything was so nice and clean and their salon is beautiful.  I had a reunion coming up and Brenda went out of her way to squeeze me in before the big day.  She was so professional and made me look great!! I highly recommend Laura's Lash Lounge!  Make sure and ask for Brenda."

"Professional, Friendly & Always on Time"
-Felana (Stevenson Ranch)
"Worth the Time, Effort & Money."
- Dana (Valencia)

"Top quality.  Worth the time, effort and money.  Very natural - GORGEOUS - lashes.


Laura was my third try at lashes.  My first two experiences I tried because I thought it was a good deal (money wise).  But the first time my eyelashes had fallen out in one week.  And two of my friends contracted bad eye infections.  On my second experience, I tore the lashes out only after a few hours.  They looked like a five year old child applied them.  Caution - don't cheap out.


Laura is well trained, licensed, and spends the time applying a lot of lashes to each eye.  Isn't the reason we're doing this is "to look good"?  Trust me, use Laura."

"Client for Life"
-Crystal (Valencia)
-Laura (Saugus)

"I have been around the block when it comes to lashes!  I have driven over an hour in any given direction chasing a good lash job...high quality lashes and fume free adhesive that can truly take a beating...Painless and speedy, and the price is extremely fair and competitivein the lash industry...Major plus, flawless application doesn't damage your natural lashes AT ALL-which is a very common occurrence with lash technicians that are poorly trained rookies... TRUST ME, not pleasant-and I speak from experience...I will be a client for life."

"Laura is the Bo Diddley of beauty.  There's nothing she can't do.  She puts 110% into hair, skin care, tanning and lashes.  What impresses me most is the time she puts into researching every product and technique she does.  I have gone to her for facials, bacials, lashes, spray tan and massage and there is not one person out there that I have gone to that can do the quality of work she could do."

"Relaxing and fun all at the same time." - Alesia (Santa Clarita)

"I cannot say enough good things about Laura and her lounge.  But I can try!  Laura is so meticulous about her craft, with the education and skill to boot!  She is as entertaining as you let her be and quiet if that's your style.  Getting lashed by Laura continues to be one of my favorite things to do and I can NEVER wait for my appointment.  Relaxing and fun all at the same time.  I am obsessed with the way my lashes look because of her talent and skill, and so is everyone else!"

"My eyelashes look beautiful and stay on a long time" - Kathleen (Castaic)

"Laura does amazing eyelashes!!!! She is not my first eyelash girl but she will definitely be my last.  I did go to another person and when I started developing a reaction they just didn't have any answers for me -I went to Laura and she solved the problem immediately and I haven't had any issues ever since.  Great relaxing atmosphere and she has a very good touch.  My eyelashes look beautiful and stay on a long time-just the way I like them-Also the optional massage is incredible!"

about Rick "AMAZING!!! OUTSTANDING!!! INCREDIBLE!!!" - Amanda (Newhall)

"I love Laura and I love my lashes!  She does a great job and always makes me feel comfortable and very welcome.  Her work is amazing.  The only thing I ever get asked is, "what type of mascara do you use?"  She always seems to be doing extras as well.  She gives me samples and even a quick peel when my face was really breaking out.  I really couldn't ask for more.  Now a quick note on Rick, the massage thereapist in her shop.  AMAZING!!! OUTSTANDING!!! INCREDIBLE!!! I had an 80 minute massage, and it was the best ever.  I am usually hesitant to use a male therapist, but he was so professional that I was completely comfortable the entire time.  He used coconut oil, which left my skin soft and not greasy.  Worth every penny!  I adore this place!

"I Feel Super Girlie and Pretty." - Sarah (Newhall)
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