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Random FAQ

Do we work on other Lash Stylists' Lashes?


Yes, of course!  Most of our New Lash Clients have us Fix their Lashes.  Lash Extensions require thousands of hours to become proficient.  Please don't go to people's houses and unlicensed people.  It's dangerous!  We remove and fix lashes weekly from people trying to do Lash Extensions.  The good thing is, we love Fixing Lashes! 

Can we apply Lash Extensions to a Bald eyelid?  I ripped out my natural lashes using an eyelash Curler.


Sorry, we can only apply lashes to your natural lashes, not on your skin.  Unfortunately, we get asked about this Lash emergency and similar Lash Emergencies.  When you wear Lash Extensions that are  too long and thick for your natural lashes to support, you will experience lash loss.  We hate to see this, but often do from our new clients asking to fill lashes when they have too much lash loss to fill properly.  We recommend using a Lash Growth serum immediately.  We sell a good one.  It works!

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