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Lash Extensions


LLL Full Set ~80 lashes per eye:  $300

(Customized to your lashes and personal style)


Diva Full Set >100 lashes per eye:  $400

(Drama Hollywood Style)

Relashing-Must have existing lash extensions

1-Hour Relashing:   $75

1.5 -Hour Relashing Big Fill:  $100

Lash Extension Removal: $25

(Lash Extensions shouldn't be painful.  If yours are causing you pain, because your lashes are glued together and/or touching your skin, you may need to have them removed.)



Blowdry: $45


Cut:  $60


Root Touch Up:  $60


Color: $100


Gloss: $60


Partial Highlight: $80


Full Highlight: $120


Smoothing Treatment: $250


Deep Conditioning Treatment: $60






Brows: $25


Face:  $40


Lip:  $10


Chin: $10


Lip & Chin: $15


Side Burns: $10






Facial:   $75

(Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Light Extractions, Masque, Booster, Moisturization, Hand-Arm-Neck Massage)  50 minutes

Bacial:   $75                                                            

​(Bacial=Back Facial.  Everyone needs a little help washing their back.  Plus, you get your back, neck, arms, hands, legs, & feet massaged.  That's the best part, right?)   50 minutes



Skin Scrubber:   $20

Great for skin that needs a lot of extractions.  Although it's called a skin "scrubber", it doesn't actually scrub.  This machine gently, through sound waves and water, is able to coax your skin into releasing blackheads and dead skin.


Swedish Massage

Light Pressure:          $75  50-minute;   $100  80-minute

Medium Pressure:    $75  50-minute;   $100  80-minute

Firm Pressure:           $80  50-minute;   $105  80-minute

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