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-Clients Only

-Do NOT bring children or friends to your appointment

-Use Spa Voices

-Silence Cell Phones

-Arrive with Squeaky Clean Lashes & Uncaffeinated

-Confirm Your Appointment

-Arrive On-Time to Your Appointment


Lounge Etiquette:

Lashing is a luxury service that requires a relaxing atmosphere, as most guests nap during application.  This is a Clients Only establishment.  Our clients have our full attention and our aim is to deliver impeccable service.  Please don't bring your friend or kid or boyfriend or husband.  Clients treasure their Lash Naps.  Some clients have difficulty relaxing.  Please don't ruin it by showing up with your posse.  We won't let them in. We don't allow kids or friends to watch or wait, even if they're "good."  In addition to insurance purposes, it's noisy and difficult to focus and finish in a timely manner.  Can you imagine if everyone brought their kids and friends? Our clients appreciate this policy.  Often times, it's the only time spent purely on themselves.  Please respect the peace and quiet.  We hope you enjoy your Spalon experience.

Please Confirm your appointment.  48 hours before your appointment, you will receive a text/email with the date and time of your appointment.  Please click on the "I will show up" button to confirm and save the date and time.  Don't just say to yourself, "Yay! Lashes!"  This is a service that we pay for to make it easier for us to communicate and schedule appointments with you.  Please don't email and text Vagaro back; you're not contacting us.  Your Lash Stylist will contact you by text upon booking.  Please save this Contact information. 


We're a Small Business and your business effects our lives.  We cannot absorb the costs of clients no-showing and cancelling appointments.  Our policy is that you pay for the missed appointments.  We don't like charging clients for missed services.  If this becomes a problem, we will politely decline your request for an appointment.  Please only make appointments with us if you're serious and keep your appointments.  Thanks for your consideration. 


We're Serious about beauty, but we're Chill about it.  See ya in the Lounge!

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