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FAQs (Lash Extensions)

How often do I need to get a Fill?

We recommend a 60-minute fill every 2 weeks to keep them looking Amazing and maintaining a Fullset.   If you want to wear a Light Set of Lashes, get Lashed every 3 weeks.  Longer than 3 weeks is not advised, doesn't look good, and normally requires a fullset to get them back to amazing.  For those clients that are super active and wear makeup daily,  they normally need to come in every two weeks because they're hard on their Lashes.  If you arrive with squeaky clean lashes, don't wear makeup, and don't touch your Lashes with your fingers, every 3 weeks should be fine.  We don't just add Lashes.  We need to remove the Lashes that have grown out and are too long.  A natural lash typically sheds every 90 days.  After 2-3 weeks, approximately 1/3 of your natural lashes will have cycled out. At this point, touch ups are required to replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle.


How do I prepare for Lashing?

Your lashes need to be Squeaky Clean and you need to be Caffeine-Free everytime you get lashed.  The cleaner your lashes are the better the lash extensions will adhere to your natural lashes.  If your lashes aren't clean, the lash extension attaches to this coated surface of mascara, eyeliner, concealer, moisturizer, serums, sunscreen, primer, makeup, protein buildup, etc.  Can your think of anything that sticks to oil?  Your lashes will be cleansed as part of the prepwork, but not to the extent that will be irritating to your eyes.  Waterproof makeup and waterproof makeup remover must cease 48 hours prior to your fullset lash application. You also need to be Caffeine-Free, even if you are a regular coffee drinker.  Your eyes will shake and makes it more difficult to lash and they won't last as long.  If your eyes are too shakey, you won't be able to have lash extensions applied. Your safety is too important.  If you want your lashes to last, please come in for lashing with Squeaky Clean lashes and Caffeine-Free.  If cost is a concern, this is the most important part that is easily controlled.  It's best to come without any makeup on or around your eyes.


How long does it take for the Fullset application of lash extensions?

Allow 2 hours for the application.  Do not drink excessive amounts before application, as you cannot use the restroom during application.


What do I need to do After getting lash extensions?

Stay away from water and steam until your lash adhesive has cured.  We have different adhesives to fit your needs, which will be discussed with your lash stylist.  Most people wait 24 hours to wash their lashes.  During the curing process, you must stay away from steam and heat, meaning you can't get into the bathtub, hot tub, shower, bathe kids, wash dishes, open an oven, boil water, BBQ, workout, yoga, pilates, swimming, etc.  Applying makeup is inadvisable during the curing process, as well.  Your lash stylist will answer questions about which makeup is allowable and better to use. Princess Mode ON


How do I Take Care of my lash extensions?

Remember two things that cause lash loss: Friction and Dirty Lashes.  It's imperative that you arrive with squeaky clean lashes for your Lash Appointment.  Make ups wipe will not suffice.  If your lashes are dirty, we are applying Lash Extensions to old bits of mascara, eyeliner, serums, moisturizers, SPF, etc.  When these dissolve, the Lash Extensions prematurely shed.  When applied to squeaky clean lashes, they can last as long as the natural lash.  In regards to Friction.  Don't touch your Lashes!  The less you touch them, the longer they last.  The reason is that every time you try to arrange them with your nails, tip of your finger, etc., you are weakening and breaking the Lash Adhesive bond, often pulling your natural lashes out.   

Can I get lash extensions if I have Fine lashes?

Yes.  We use a finer lash that is appropriate for your lashes and your style.  Volumation may be more appropriate for finer lashes, but we have lighter weight Classic lashes, if you prefer.  This will be discussed prior to application. 


Can I get lash extensions if I don't have lashes?

No.  Lash extensions are individually applied to natural lashes.  We've had emergency calls where the lashes were all pulled off from an eyelash curler and cheap lash extensions/inexperienced lash stylists. Until the lash begins to grow, lashes cannot be applied.


How do I decide when to get a fill?

We suggest coming every two weeks to upkeep a Fullset of Lashes.  If you want to wear a Light Set of Lashes, every 2.5 to 3 weeks.  Going longer between fills isn't advisable and doesn't look good.  


Can I use mascara and eyeliner?

Yes, but try to keep the mascara just on the tips, avoiding the bonds at the base of the lash.  Do not use waterproof or silicone mascara or eyeliner.  Xtreme Lashes Mascara and Eyeliners are best, as they're formulated for Lash Extensions.  These products are sold and are best sellers at Laura's Lash Lounge.  If you don't live near Laura's Lash Lounge, you can order lash extension beauty products at  Use the Promo Code: XLLL to receive a discount on your products.  Thanks!



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