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Job Opportunities at Laura's Lash Lounge

We're looking for experienced professionals dedicated to their craft.  Please email us at to take the next step.  Thanks!

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Lash Stylist

We're always looking for Amazing lash stylists.  Are you as passionate about lashes as we are?  We have station rental available.  We're looking for a good-fit, great lasher, team player, and fast learner.  Email us at with resume, photos or direct us to Instagram, and which days and hours you're available.  Thanks!

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Massage Therapist or Practitioner


We try to keep the noise level as low as possible, but it's not silent.  Clients and Stylists silence cell phones and use spa voices.  We're respectful of your needs and create a peaceful atmosphere.  Please email us at with resume and which days and times you're available.  Thanks!


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