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our #girlgang

This will take a long time to compile, but please come back to see what's new!  It will be worth it!  :)

Alesia Humphries!

Lead Singer

for Dole|Humphries

Andrea & Francis Grossi of Supersonic Blues Machine

These two Lash Addicts are backup singers for this Super Fabulous Blues/Rock Band that tours around the world with guests like Billy F. Gibbons from ZZ Top, Walter Trout, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather(Toto-Remember that song "Africa"?  I love that song!)  This is a jam band that all blues lovers love.  Fabrizio Grossi(Andrea's husband) is the leader and creator of the band.   Right now, they're on their way to India!  We're excited to hear all about their adventure when they return! Follow them on Facebook: SupersonicBluesMachine

My #girlgang  story

Last year, I was in a car accident on Copper Hill.  My car was totaled.  I was shaken and it was scary, a movie-scene type of crash.  It was the type of collision where you think, "I cheated death today."  Luckily, 2 women, that I hadn't met before, came to my aid and gave me their information to be witnesses.  The man who ran the very red light said few words and, I think, felt that he couldn't because he was in the wrong and these women were outraged and had such conviction.  It was like a "girlgang," but not in a mean way.  More like, we've got your back; we saw the whole thing.  They made me feel safe.  We, truly, live in Awesometown and I want to help make it more awesome!  

These two women inspired me to create this #girlgang page and create #girlgang t-shirts.  They helped me without knowing me.  The thing is that we can and should help each other.  Of course we donate money and time to local charities, but I want to specifically support and promote our #girlgang, our clients' passions on our website.  Our clients become our friends and this #girlgang promotes them on a grander scale.  Maybe, we'll even meet new people that need help and want to be part of our #girlgang.  Women supporting women is always a good thing and our hope is that we add a little more awesomeness to our town and the #girlgang movement.  Thanks for reading!


This will be an on-going project.  Our plan is to gather photos and information to place in this space and guide you to these businesses, charities, and passions.  I remember reading once that women business owners put more money back into their communities than men, which benefits us all.  Please come back to this page again and again to see how awesome our clients are!  Thanks! -Laura

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