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Are Lash Extensions Right For You?

Lash Extensions are not for everyone.  Here's a few questions to see if you are a good candidate to wear Lash Extensions.

Are you able to relax?  Most people can lay down, close their eyes and just relax while getting Lashed.  Some people can't.  This may not be right for you if you're always in high energy mode and find it difficult to shift into low gear. 


Do you shake?  One of the most important reasons you need to be calm and relaxed is that your lashes and eyes cannot shake.  We can't chase your lashes.  They won't last as long as they normally would, it's uncomfortable for you, and we can't get as many lashes on as we would like.  You can record yourself with your eyes closed during the day to see if you shake.  If you shake by yourself, you'll definitely shake here.  Drinking Caffeine the day of your appointment will make you shake.  So, go to Starbucks after your appointment, not before.


Are you allergic to acrylic nails?  If you are, they probably made you itch.  We use a medical-grade adhesive that is made of cyanoacrylate, an acrylic derivative.  It's an easy way for us to tell that you're probably allergic to our adhesive and that Lash Extensions are not for you.

Are you allergic to medical tape or aloe?  We use medical tape and eyepads that contain aloe, to isolate the bottom lashes.  If you're allergic to band-aids and/or medical tape, this may not be for you.  

Are you claustrophobic? ​ Do not make an appointment, if you are claustrophobic.  This is not for you.  Remaining still, with your eyes closed and unable to open your eyes for the entirety of the service is not compatible with claustrophobia.  

Are you Allergic to Everything?  This is Not for You.  We're so sorry.  Lashes are for most people, but not for Everyone.  If you're allergic to all kinds of products and scents, there's probably something that will irritate you.  Our goal is not to irritate you.  

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