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About Us

We're serious about Lashes.  We don't mess around when it comes to lashes, following strict sanitation and safety guidelines every day on every client.  We won't compromise our integrity even a little bit.  Our products are the best we can find.  We wear them, too!
As Lash Extensions have gained popularity, we find ourselves Fixing a lot of lashes from other lash stylists.  In fact, Fixing lashes seems to have become somewhat of a specialty of ours and Laura loves Fixing Lashes.  Most new clients wearing Lash Extensions need Fixing.  Lashing is a specialty that takes years of practice and training to create safe and beautiful lash designs.   Don't be embarrassed and stay in pain or let someone keep pulling your lashes out.  We're happy to help and Lash everyday!  We try to have availability daily.  Once we meet you, we will schedule your next appointment to fit your schedule.  
We will create a customized lash design based on your eye shape, lash thickness, and personal style. The process is easy and painless; you can come to Laura's Lash Lounge, take a nap and wake with lots of long, lush lashes that make an immediate, noticeable difference in your appearance. 
Brenda Vicknair

Brenda specializes in Classic Lashes, lashing for over 4 years and

personally trained by Laura in both Classic and Volume Lashes.  Her

personal style is a glamour-girl look, yet most of her clients love her

natural-looking lash style. She's a Lash Artist that won't make you

look like a clown, even if you want that crazy look. She gives amazing

facials that clients enjoy before their Lash appointments.  Brenda 

loves animals.  If you hate puppies, don't go to her!  Make sure to

arrive with clean lashes.  Otherwise, she'll make you wash them! :D 

Love this about her!


Laura Schuetze
You will be hard-pressed to find anyone as Passionate as Laura about
Lashes, safety, and sanitation. Her personal style is to give a
natural-looking set of lashes that complements your features and has
an anti-aging, lifting effect.  She creates bigger stage-looks for those
that perform or want to look like they do, but they must have the Natural
lashes to support this look and be a rock star at taking care of their
Lashes.  Laura's a Certified Advanced Lash Stylist by Xtreme Lashes for
over 10 years in Classic & Volume Lashes.  She loves Fixing Lash Extensions
from other lash stylists and Removing Lashes.  She can't stand to see people
in pain!  
If you're in pain, Lash Extensions need to be removed and can be reapplied, depending on damage.  If you don't want to be seen in public with hooker lashes, they may need to be completely removed and reapplied, as well.  If anyone has ever told you they're just "too much" or "crazy" and going in different directions or you think this, they may need to be removed and reapplied.  We can't Fix Lashes in the time it takes to do a Fill.  Please make sure you choose the correct service.  We want you to Love your Lashes! 
Cya in the Lounge!



Our Charities that we donate to in money, needed products, &/or time: 
Shelter HOPE Pet Shop, Northbridge Bluefins, Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita, Child & Family Center of Santa Clarita, The Food Pantry, & Senior Center in Newhall, Blankets4Humanity, & Alesia XO (She's not a charity.  Just a great client that we like to support, mostly by showing up to her events and telling everyone about her.) 
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